Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PRAYER WARRIOR Washington Prayer Book - Cover Page

This is the cover page for the eBook - Audio Book - Video Book is a Prayer Book, Work Book and Picture Book. It is shown here as a photo collage rich in images and imaginings. But more rich are the images of the penmanship of prayers of Washington.

The prayer for this prayer book is that you will be blessed by reading the power and passion of these prayers, and with your own penmanship you copy in the space provided so that the prayers become your own.

Then you are encouraged to do a photocopy of these prayers in your penmanship that you penned in the 3 x 5 card size block provided, cut out the 3x5 blocks from each of the many pages that you choose, gather them in a cover of your own choosing such as a design in the upper left and lower right corner of this cover page (as it appeared 30,033 miles later after the CROSSings: All Across America Journey with Jesus, by George! Prayer Pilgrimage Four Times from Sea to Shining Sea), and then carry the prayers that are now your own "in your own hand" in your own coat pocket, next to your heart.

At those times in life where lines or pauses causes us to wait for the next event to begin, or end, then this booklet of penned prayers can be called out from the place beside your heart, and contemplated, or prayed with or upon, to give you peace, and thereby, wisdom, the Wisdom of Washington, based on the one true wisdom, the Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

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