Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Edition to come soon...

5/06/14 17:52 PM  (Anno Domini 1752 being the year when these GW prayers were penned.)
The post below this line was done almost 4 years ago, and sadly, that update is still not complete.  However, the past month I have been assisting editing another American Christian History book about the words and deeds of President Thomas Jefferson, a devout reader of the words of Jesus.  One aspect of that editing job will be part of the soon to be undertaken revision of Prayer Warrior Washington, maybe even 9 years after the original was complete, on Jamestowne Day, Anno Domini 2014…

Below originally posted 5/11/10 11:15 AM, Pacific Daylight Time.

The first edition of Prayer Warrior Washington was created on CD on Jamestowne Day (May 13th) in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2005, and the first printed version was produced about a year later for $17.52 because the prayers of Washington were penned in a.d. 1752.

It is still available at LuLu.com in digital download format for $17.52 at http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/prayer-warrior-washington-prayer-book---work-book---picture-book/2119714?productTrackingContext=search_results/search_shelf/center/1

...however, Amazon.com contacted Lulu and Lulu contacted me requesting to raise the price so Amazon.com could make what it considered a fair mark-up, though as I recall, my "cut" was less.

I agreed, because my objective was not the treasure to be gained, rather it was the "trust" to put the penmanship of prayers of young George Washington in to the hands, hearts and minds of Americans.

Anyway (a song I love for its lyrics and score), I pray soon to create a new version that I can reduce the cost of printing so the paper version is back down to its original price of $17.52.

I also plan to update the CD version that was a "Super-Set" of the printed version, because it has Dramatic Readings of the GW Prayers, and even Videos of the GW Prayers.

Please pray for my work to be completed in this updated endeavor, and for the monetary resources to provide for printing at a quantity that achieves better cost efficiencies, to be wise when we are "about Our Father's business".

In GW - God's Will and His Son's service,

James Renwick Manship, Sr.

Aide to GW