Saturday, May 27, 2006

On a "Southern Tour" in the State of Georgia, George Washington LIVES!, rode his carriage up into the mountains for an "American Vision"...

On a "Southern Tour" in the State of Georgia, George Washington LIVES!, rode his carriage up into the mountains to join a gathering of Patriots and Prayer Warriors in a holy place called Toccoa...

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In the bottom right, as in the Right, and the Bottom Line, is seen George Washington who had placed his "Trinity" Hat (that less well informed folks call a Tri-Cornered Hat, or even a Tri-Corn Hat) up on and upon the head of a new Prayer Warrior.

The future of America rests with the Vision of Americans such as these, and Visionary Americans such as Ronald Wilson Reagan who said in anno domini 1984 in his State of the Union Address:

"I see America
in the Crimson Light
of a Rising Sun
Fresh from the Burning, Creative
Hand of God.

I see Great Days Ahead,
for Men and Women,
Of Will And Vision..."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

General Washington, Prayer Warrior, At Capitol in Washington, Prays for America...

On the National Day of Prayer in the Year of Our Lord the 2006th, and of the Independence of the United States the 230th, the Spirit of George Washington the Christian LIVES! ... and PRAYS for our nation.

General Washington was America's principal Prayer Warrior, and yet General Washington travels far and wide across this God - blessed land, kneeling and praying while enlisting children of God, boys and girls, young and old, to be powerful Prayer Warriors for our Nation.

In that invitation to be a Prayer Warrior, General Washington prays, "God bless (Jamey), God bless your papa, your mama, your brothers and sisters, all your kinfolk, friends, and neighbors. And God Bless America. Amen? (then the child and General Washington join in an "Amen" together.)

Then the General says, "And you as a Prayer Warrior are every bit as powerful as any General or any Pastor, our Father in Heaven listens to your prayers every bit as much as mine. So you remember to say your prayers for your family and the soldiers defending our country. Will you do that for me? Thank you."

Photographs by Steve Rusnak,
photographer for YOUR
House of Representatives.

Thank you, Steve...

And thank You God for giving us our Land of Liberty!